12 June 2013

"A whale has eaten one of the trainers."

Thanks for sticking around. I now reward you with a trailer for a movie that is going to make me cry. I know that because the trailer almost made me cry.


Anonymous said...

Just watching the trailer nearly made me throw up, so (much like The Cove) I will rely on you for a summary as I probably won't be able to watch it.

And, I continue my entirely-justified policy of refusing to visit aquariums that keep cetaceans. Because it is sick.

- Oz

Ellie Fish said...

Yeah. I will watch it eventually. And I will cry. Like I did for The Cove, and Sharkwater, and End of the Line.




Anonymous said...

Hey, we went to Sharkwater together! I didn't outsource my weeping for that one!

I didn't know EotL was a movie. I've read the book. Is the movie based on the book, or vice versa?

Do you remember when we saw Happy Feet and we cheered in the theatre at the banning of long-lines (IIRC)? And Mika was like, what is wrong with you two.

- Oz

Ellie Fish said...

The End of the Line movie is based on the book. Or inspired by. The book came first, anyway.