09 June 2012

I'm not physiologically capable of handling this.

I've awkwardly posted a video at the top of Ellie Fish. It's streaming video (although it's offline at the moment and just showing archived footage) of a puppy cam, watching a quintet of Shiba Inu (translation: "so fluffy") puppies, and occasionally their mother.

They are so cute. They barely do anything, they just sleep, and sleepily change sleeping positions, and sleepily climb all over each other,  and sleepily smother the albino one, and sleepily feed when their mom shows up, and sleepily try to scratch and only manage to sleepily flail their little paw in the air and I'm going to pass out from the cuteness. As I watch them, my internal monologue becomes completely senseless : ohymygod the green collar one is so chubby! his paw twitched! ohmygod! that one YAWNED! holyfuck! that's! so! cute! I want the albino one! ohmygod! one of them is half awake! ohmygod! ohmygod! so cute! I'm worried if I don't stop watching my heart will shatter from the cuteness. I mean, LOOK:

 I made that screen cap, and when I looked again, they had gotten even cuter in the few minutes since I last looked. SEE? DO YOU SEE?

Where is the drug that keeps puppies puppies forever?  Our current method of just breeding more puppies when the other ones grow up is kind of wasteful when you think about it.

Video streaming by Ustream

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