20 June 2009

Happy Birthday, Oz!

That's an oldie, but a goodie.

So, I've been thinking about what I should write for your birthday, and I'm drawing a complete blank! It's only 8:45am here, and I've already had two coffees, and I'm a little giddy from lack of sleep because I started work this week and my circadian rhythms are still set to "Unemployed." Writer's block sucks. Well, as my creative writing prof used to say, "When you get writer's block, distract your audience with a picture of Daniel Craig."

Okay, so I'll tell you what I did in my last few days of unemployment. My parents were in town, and we did a lot of touristy things, like taking the ferry over to Halifax and walking along the waterfront. The new thing this year is the painted dolphins. A few years ago they did the same thing with lobster. I think Toronto did it with Moose one year. I think it's a fundraiser, maybe? With the dolphins auctioned off after tourist season? Regardless, they're fun to look at:

On another day, we went to Fisherman's Cove and walked on the boardwalk and beach. From the cove you can see the Halifax skyline off in the distance.

And thus concludes my special Oz Birthday post. I was going to put a bunch of pictures of you up, bud sadly I don't have that many of you, and in most of them you're sleeping in the back of the car on various road trips. When you come to visit me, we'll remedy that.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, shirtless hot men -- best birthday present so far. I still look back on "The Amityville Horror" and laugh at RR's instinctive response to any crisis. Thanks Ellie!