14 June 2008

...at night I close my eyes and I dream

This post is dedicated to Cricket, Mika, & Oz. I had lunch with them yesterday, and at some point the conversation turned to piercings (of which I have the fewest in the group, whereas Oz is 90% piercings). Because of them, last night I dreamt about piercings.

In the dream, my cousin Becky was going to pierce my ears, but because I hate needles, she had to put me under to get it done. But when I woke up, my ears weren't pierced, instead she'd pierced my nose and my neck. I had a stud in both nostrils, and studs in my neck, one on each side below the corner of my jaw bone. She said those were "practice" for when she did my ears. She wouldn't tell me how she got the neck studs in. After a while, my chin started to go numb and she had to take them out. The best part about the dream was that it took place at my cabin.

I've got to say it again - I freakin' love dreams. I love how my addled mind puts things together and makes them almost coherent. The dream components make perfect sense. It was about piercings because we'd talked about them at lunch. It was my cousin Becky, because whenever I saw her when I was a kid, she would braid my hair (which my mind linked with piercing my ears). And it was at my cabin, because that was the only time I spent any considerable time with her, because she lived in Alberta and I didn't see her as much as my other cousins.

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