28 January 2008

Oh, Right.

This is why I hate Edmonton.

(Okay. So I know it's not Edmonton's fault that it exists in some kind of rational-thought vaccuume, in a province populated by capital-C Conservatives. I also know it has no control over its weather. But come on! -45!? How is it that anyone actually lives here?!)

22 January 2008

Teeth, again.

I was filling out a reference form for an ex-assistant of mine that is applying to various Dentistry schools. One question in particular stood out:

To your knowledge, has the applicant ever been involved in any activity which might indicate unsuitability for dentistry?

Whatever are they referring to? The black market tooth trade? Some involvement in that horrible tooth fairy movie? Irregular flossing?

18 January 2008

Edmonton Hates You

I would like to posit the hypothesis that Edmonton is not pedestrian unfriendly, but is, in fact, pedestrian intolerant.

Like most intolerant cities, Edmonton has the appearance of tolerance. If you want to walk within a 10 block radius of, say, Whyte or Jasper Ave, or if you're trying ot get to a mall then Edmonton is all welcoming and helpful. However, should you need to travel much further north or south of those areas, or to a place with no malls, the Great City of Edmonton's mask of tolerance falls, and with frigid, petrol-soaked breath it emits a booming, "Fuck you, buy a car."

15 January 2008

11 January 2008

1st Post of 2008

The highlight of my Cristmas this year: the birth of my nephew Jackson ("Jack not Jax") Stewart on Dec. 20th. The rest of my break, while great, and fun, and full of food and presents, kind of just paled in comparison.

I'd post a picture of him, but I don't like posting pictures of children on the internet. It seems wrong somehow.