29 June 2007

Tales of my death...

...have been greatly exaggerated. Welcome [me] back! I spent the last three weeks clipping fish fins in beautiful Caroline, AB. It was very similar to last year's experience.

I lieu of a real entry at the moment, I'm going to show ya'll a few pictures of my time south.

Check out our sweet crib. Compared to last years tent-camper & condemned-shack combination, this place is downright posh. On my last day there I had the revelation that the layout of this house is like a mirror image of the layout of my parent's house. It was a little weird.
This is a scenic shot of Fiesta Lake, the lake they named after our project. We clipped 14,107 fish in this lake.

These are sweet pictures of caddis fly, dragon fly, and beetle larvae. We'd catch these guys in our traps all the time. We also lots of giant leeches. I didn't take pictures of the leeches because they were bad and ate my fish.

The last lake we sampled had a muskrat. We managed to sneak up on it and get a picture of it sleeping. We named him Adam West.

That's pretty much all I have to share for now. I hope everyone enjoys the Canada Day long weekend.
And I want to send a belated Birthday shout-out to Ozzy. Oz, if you're reading this: the loons on Mitchell Lake are nesting in a different spot this year.

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Mika said...

Awesome! Is it weird that I find the dragonfly larvae kinda cute?